From Freedom 251 to Note 7 and No Man’s Sky – The Biggest Disappointments of 2016

If we were to start inventory a many unsatisfactory things that happened in 2016, we’d be here compartment a finish of 2017. The Universe has seemed additional cold and dim this year, with a deaths of icons and legends, a finish of princely institutions, and infinite changes in a universe order.

Seen in that light, tech had a flattering good year. Facebook still hasn’t acquired nukes – that we know of – and Apple is still usually softly unsatisfactory people with disciplined updates to devices, and we are blissful Google hasn’t nonetheless unleashed a murderbots it positively has.

That being said, there were unequivocally some-more than a few dim spots on a tech timeline, quite if we occur to be vital in India. Here’s a demeanour during all a things we’re blissful to put behind us.

1) Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosions
Few people will forget a explosive disaster that was a Samsung Galaxy Note 7. From Samsung’s many profitable code to a boundary of all jokes, a Note 7 disaster is one that shows no signs of cooling – most like a phone itself.


2) Freedom 251, and a hiss after
The Ringing Bells Freedom 251 betrothed to be a efficient bill smartphone, during an unimaginable price, done probable by “economies of scale“. This lifted a lot of questions right from a start, and down a line, a association finished adult announcing a smoothness of only 5,000 phones, opposite a designed 2.5 million units.

It has faced inquiries by military and taxation officials, and a initial was recently summoned to justice over a bounced-cheque case.

3) No Man’s Sky
No Man’s Sky was substantially a most-hyped game entrance into this new console generation, that was quite startling deliberation that it was a work of a tiny indie team. So we substantially shouldn’t have been astounded when a final product was a prolonged approach from what a diversion initially betrothed to be.

Yet we, along with most of a gaming world, were taken aback by only how little there was to do in a game, and how singular a procedural era unequivocally was in terms of formulating singular experiences.

no mans sky examination

4) Apple and a 3.5mm jack
The 3.5mm audio jack has been a customary for decades, and nonetheless Apple competence have had a reasons for removing a jack, it’s a preference that left a lot of people very unhappy.

Removing that jack is a bad move, no matter who does it, though Apple has adequate volumes by itself to set a trend for a rest of a industry. For people who’ve built adult vast collections of audio gear, this was a unequivocally terrible move.

5) GoPro’s Karma recall
Last year, GoPro was one of a coolest brands around, with a movement cameras quick apropos ubiquitous. GoPro’s camera was a device of choice to mountain on a series of drones as well, for aerial photography.

However, worker brands started getting into cameras, and GoPro launched a drone. Despite delays and prolongation issues, a ensuing worker looked unequivocally exciting, though afterwards they started to energy down during use, and a association had to recall 2,500 of a Karma drones.


6) Vine’s end
Vine was one of those hugely desired services that nonetheless mostly flew underneath a radar. Perhaps that’s because it wasn’t startling to learn this year that Twitter motionless to discontinue Vine. Later, there were reports that Twitter was also deliberation a sale of Vine, and meanwhile, Giphy denounced a apparatus to archive your clips in GIF form.

Although Vine competence not have been hugely used, it was influential, and helped emanate a series of memes. Now, Twitter has backtracked a little, though it’s still a unhappy finish for a service.

7) Pebble’s sale
Another sparkling immature code that’s come to a tighten this year is Pebble. The strange smartwatch, Pebble has consistently done great devices in a unequivocally severe category.

At a same time, it also unveiled a Pebble Core, an intriguing tool that combined even some-more smarts, including the Alexa practical assistant. And afterwards a code got sole to Fitbit and upcoming hardware was canceled. At slightest Fitbit will keep Pebble services alive, for a year.

8) Reliance Jio launch
The Reliance Jio launch has been a classical box of over-promise and under-deliver. In a exam duration before a launch, when SIM cards were accessible to a name few, Jio was delivering flattering good speeds, with no information limits, and all for free, though it was only not prepared to understanding with a huge numbers of people who got a SIM after a open launch.


Jio offering free calls for life, along with giveaway information for a first 3 months, and of course, people formed prolonged queues to get a SIM. Predictably enough, speeds dropped, until Jio was indeed a slowest 4G network in India according to some tests. On tip of that, calls were not removing through, and black marketplace SIMs started to boyant around. All in all, a launch was a unequivocally severe ride, and nonetheless things are removing improved now, it’s still got copiousness of room to improve.

9) Uber’s up-front fares
Uber’s left by a lot this year. It’s had to back out of China, and it’s totally re-imagined how a app works. Earlier this year, it also motionless to roll-out ‘upfront fares’, to reinstate float estimates. The thought was that users would be means to fast see what a large would be, instead of only saying a swell number.

Of course, this is only another approach of stealing a swell being charged, so that we don’t know either you’re removing a terrible understanding or not. In Delhi, Uber was asked to suspend surge, though a association only swept it underneath a carpet. It’s a flattering crappy move, though there is still a pretence we can use to check a multiplier.


10) Suicide Squad
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a terrible movie, though it wasn’t unequivocally a disappointment. Movies in ubiquitous were kind of lifeless this year – quite Captain America: Civil War – though a one film we all hold out a lot of hope for was Suicide Squad. And afterwards we watched a movie. It’s one of a misfortune cinema we’ve seen this year, and that includes Batman v Superman!

Overall, TV has been a lot some-more appealing than cinema this year, though Suicide Squad was where we strike stone bottom.

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