Free Pokemon Sun And Moon Shiny Legendary Now Available

The Marshadow distribution might have only ended, though Pokemon Sun and Moon players can now supplement a new Legendary Pokemon to their teams. Beginning today, GameStop and EB Games stores in a US and Canada will be giving divided a shiny Silvally.

Like other Pokemon distributions, a glossy Silvally will be accessible around a giveaway download code. The Pokemon is turn 100 and comes versed with a Gold Bottle Cap. It also knows a following 4 moves:

  • Multi-Attack
  • Parting Shot
  • Punishment
  • Scary Face

To get your glossy Silvally, name Mystery Gift from Sun and Moon’s categorical menu and select a choice to accept your present around code/password. When prompted, submit a formula we perceived during possibly GameStop or EB Games and you’ll be means to explain a Pokemon from a deliveryman watchful inside any Pokemon Center.

The glossy Silvally placement runs until Nov 13, 4 days before a recover of a series’ subsequent 3DS installments, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. For some-more sum on a other giveaways function right now, be certain to check out a roundup of all a free equipment and Pokemon that Sun and Moon players can get.

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