Free Pokemon Available In Ultra Sun And Moon Right Now

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launched for 3DS behind in November, imprinting a mainline series’ swan strain on Nintendo’s dual-screen handheld. As it did for a strange Sun and Moon versions, The Pokemon Company is stability to support a span in a months following their recover with giveaway equipment and Pokemon. The association has a lot of giveaways lined adult for 2018, that it has dubbed a Year of Legendary Pokemon, yet those positively won’t be a usually freebies players can design to find this year.

We’ve dull adult all of a giveaway distributions now using for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon below, many of that are also open to Sun and Moon players. We’ll be updating this list as some-more giveaways are announced, so check behind mostly to see what giveaway equipment and Pokemon we can get. In a meantime, we can learn some-more about a latest Pokemon games in a outline of everything new in Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon. We also mangle down a differences between Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, if you’re still uncertain of that chronicle to collect up.

Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon Free Gifts

Dialga/Palkia — Feb. 2-28

Kicking off a Year of Legendary Pokemon are a Space and Time Pokemon, Palkia and Dialga. The dual are being distributed in a US during GameStop from Feb 2-28, while UK residents can collect them adult from participating Game stores. The Legendary we accept will count on that chronicle we have: players with possibly Sun or Ultra Sun accept Palkia, while those personification possibly Moon or Ultra Moon get Dialga. You’ll need to redeem your download formula by May 23 to explain a Legendaries.


Unlike many other present Pokemon, a Mythical Steel/Fairy-type, Magearna, is not accessible by a Mystery Gift feature, though around a QR code, that is concordant with Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. After defeating a Elite Four and completing a categorical story, we can use a QR Scanner to indicate a formula below. Once you’ve finished that, revisit a Antiques emporium in Hau’oli City and collect your Magearna adult from a deliveryman watchful there.

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Celebi — Ends Sep. 21

Players who squeeze possibly Pokemon Gold or Silver from a 3DS Eshop by Sep 21, 2018 will accept a reward download formula for a Mythical Pokemon Celebi. The formula can be redeemed in Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, or Ultra Moon. We’ve summarized a steps we need to take to find and redeem a formula here.

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