Four things as Thunder exist Mavs in OT, 111-110

The Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder played a flattering good one Wednesday night. With tanking a apart thought, a Mavs played tough and even forced overtime opposite a Thunder, interjection to a Dwight Powell putback during a buzzer.

Despite their effort, Dallas drops to 19-43, on a night where both Atlanta and Phoenix won to also nick 19 wins.

The Return of Noel

Perhaps a biggest story tonight for Dallas was a lapse of Nerlens Noel, who hadn’t played in a diversion given late November. Rick Carlisle had hinted that Nerlens would have “fresh legs” and would expected play, yet when or how most was still an open question. Well, reduction than 5 mins in we got an answer, as Nerlens checked in and got some extended burn, totaling 16 minutes. Noel was active, restraint Russell Westbrook in transition during one point, yet he really still has that bent to be over-aggressive on defense, holding himself out of correct position on occasion. Overall, though, it was a acquire site to see a jaunty 23-year-old large male out on a floor.

31K Dirk

With Wilt Chamberlain in his sights, Dirk Nowitzki eclipsed 31,000 points Wednesday, suitably adequate on a stepback fadeaway. The Big German finished with 12 points on 5-9 shooting, a nifty 4 assists, and a +10 in 24 minutes. You know Nowitzki’s stand adult a all-time scoring list is epic when Wilt’s name is mentioned.

Career night for Dwight Powell

Yes, Dwight Powell. The scandal of Mavs’ chatter for years, who was all buried and left for passed after an early deteriorate army as a stretch-4 didn’t vessel out, Dwight Powell has turn one of a team’s brightest spots this season. Getting a start again opposite Oklahoma City, Powell notched a career best 21 points, including a buzzer-beating restraining shot in regulation. When he wasn’t finishing throw dunks, Powell was doing that Dwight Powell thing where he throws his physique after a round with forward abandon. He collected 8 boards, 3 steals, and a pivotal assign late in a game.

Late diversion Dennis shows adult again

Dennis Smith Jr. has grown a repute in his immature career for saving his best for last. Wednesday night was another example, as Smith went for 8 of his 17 points in a additional frame. Smith struggled early, mostly removing to a edge when he wanted yet anticipating a Thunder defenders(and a refs) antipathetic once there. It’s wise that Smith had such an up-and-down game, since that’s been a arrange of deteriorate he’s had, as well. Dennis had a possibility to win it during a finish yet couldn’t get a good look.

They might not technically pierce down in a standings, yet for those meditative of lottery balls, a whine of service here. Dallas faces a vital exam Friday, however, on a highway opposite a also bad Chicago Bulls.

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