Four More Free Mega Stones In Pokemon Sun And Moon Available …

Nintendo is giving divided another collection of giveaway equipment for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Pokemon fansite Serebii has reported that players around a creation can now get their hands on 4 some-more singular Mega Stones.

As with prior distributions, players can download a equipment regulating a concept code. This collection consists of Mega Stones for Ampharos, Altaria, and a Legendary Dragon-type Pokemon from Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Latios and Latias. None of these Pokemon can be found in a furious in Sun and Moon, however, so players will need to possibly send them from a prior pretension or obtain them by trading.

To get a Mega Stones, name Mystery Gift from a game’s menu screen. Choose to accept we present “via code/password,” afterwards submit a formula “DRACHE” when prompted. You’ll be means to collect your Mega Stones adult from a deliveryman watchful inside any of a game’s Pokemon Centers. The Mega Stones will usually be accessible for a singular time, so you’ll wish to supplement them to your collection soon.

This isn’t a usually giveaway Nintendo has lined adult this month for Pokemon Sun and Moon. Beginning Sep 19, players can get a special Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat from a anime series. There are 6 opposite Pikachu variations in all, any with a opposite moveset and cap, though players will usually be means to acquire one of them regulating a formula that will be common on a Pokemon website.

Sun and Moon players will also soon have a possibility to get a Mythical Pokemon Marshadow. From Oct 9-23, GameStop will be giving divided a giveaway formula for a singular Pokemon. This brief window outlines a initial event players have to legitimately obtain a new Legendary.

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