Forza Horizon and Crackdown Look Amazing With Xbox One X Upgrades

Forza Horizon

Late final night, Microsoft provided notice that it would be enhancing 4 Xbox 360 titles for play on Xbox One X, improving their graphics and opening in a process. These titles enclosed The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Fable Anniversary, Forza Horizon and, entrance to a back concordant use for a initial time, Crackdown.

We haven’t had a possibility to exam them out usually yet, though a span of YouTube channels have posted comparison videos to showcase usually how most dual sold games have softened on a Xbox One X – in this case, Crackdown and Forza Horizon. And while it doesn’t sound like we need to eventually ascent to a complement if we can’t means it, it does seem that both games demeanour improved than ever before.

First adult is Digital Foundry, who posted a comparison video for Crackdown, that can be seen below. The group tested out both a graphics comparison and support rate exam for a diversion between both versions, and a formula are utterly startling.

The graphics demeanour a lot smoother than before, generally with small sum on your impression and vehicle, and reduction sprites display adult on some of a objects. The fortitude also looks a heck of a lot better, and a support rate looks to be flattering solid, nonetheless a Xbox One S chronicle performs superbly as well, if that’s a usually complement we have during a moment.

If that’s not enough, the group during MotoGamesTV posted a video as well, for a strange Forza Horizon, which came out years ago for Xbox 360. And while a diversion isn’t utterly adult to a customary of new titles like Forza Horizon 3 and Forza Motorsport 7, it looks really good nevertheless.

In a corresponding comparison between a dual systems, you’ll notice that a Xbox One X chronicle of a diversion has most smoother textures, as good as a somewhat zippier support rate, nonetheless a sum still demeanour flattering good on a default Xbox One S. Again, if it’s a technical disproportion you’re looking for, you’ll notice a stronger fortitude with a X edition.


We didn’t see a other games in movement usually yet, though they substantially demeanour usually as good as these games. And who knows, Microsoft might continue adding to a list with improvements on renouned titles. Can we suppose how good Vanquish would demeanour with Xbox One X improvements? Fingers crossed.

The Xbox One X is accessible now.

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