Forza Horizon 3’s Mountain Dew cars aren’t scarcely as foolish as we had …

Kickstart my car

Mountain Dew and video games are a compare done in Stereotype Heaven that we see from time to time. It’s common believe that Gamers need Gamer Fuel, and Mountain Dew is a creme de la creme of Gamer Fuels. There’s usually something about a approach a effervescent, eager glass washes down a Dorito dust.

Forza Horizon 3 has a partnership with Mountain Dew for a new automobile pack, and it’s impossibly calm in a execution. None of a vehicles are intoxicated with run-down logos like it’s NASCAR meets a Outback. This is Mountain Dew in name only.

The cars enclosed in this container are: the 2016 Lotus 3-Eleven, the 1951 Holden FX Sedan, the 1996 Ferrari F50 GT, the 2013 Dodge Dart GT, the 1971 Chevrolet Vega GT, the 1973 AMC Gremlin X, and the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. A trailer for a appendage is embedded above.

However, a patience comes during a verbatim price. Unlike many sponsored content, a Mountain Dew Car Pack isn’t free. A cost wasn’t announced, though other identical Forza Horizon 3 packs have been set during $7. What’s more, the developer records in a Forza forums that this appendage exists outward a automobile container deteriorate pass, so it’s not enclosed with any other purchase. Everyone has to buy this individually.

The Mountain Dew Car Pack releases tomorrow, Jun 6. It’s not a forward branding appurtenance you’d expect. It’s not a sign of how reticent sponsored video diversion calm can be. Somehow, that creates me usually a small bit wistful. 

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