Forza Horizon 3’s Hot Wheels Expansion Is Pure Joy

Miles of splendid orange lane circuitous by a sky, speed boost pads flanked by enormous fondle engines, loop-de-loops and dinosaurs—I can’t stop smiling when I’m speeding by Forza Horizon 3‘s Hot Wheels expansion.

Released yesterday alongside a estimable PC opening refurbish for Forza Horizon 3, a Hot Wheels enlargement is all we wanted and more. If a array of islands connected by Hot Wheels lane unequivocally existed off a seashore of Australia, I’d gladly dauntless its presumably “non-lethal” wildlife.

Witness my exhilaration in a video below, in that we delicately practiced my microphone levels and afterwards proceeded to blow that mom out with giggly excitement.

You’ll note we do not attend in any races or events. Those are a “and more” in a “everything we wanted and more” from earlier. All I’ve been doing—all we wish to do—since a enlargement launched yesterday is jump and loop and try all a colorful cosmetic overlaid on this routinely semi-realistic world.

The Hot Wheels Island invert contingency be a genuine blast.

But yes, there are new races and events, as good as 10 new vehicles including some iconic Hot Wheels models. And should we get around to formulating my possess Hot Wheels events, we can customize them by swapping out pieces of attempt lane as if they were children’s toys.


Back during Toy Fair in Feb we was articulate to a man in a Mattel area display off a Rocket League Hot Wheels tie-in. we said, “You know what would be awesome? An entire Forza Horizon enlargement that was only Hot Wheels cars and tracks.” He only smiled. Turns out we was right. It is awesome.

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