Forza Horizon 3 Is Getting A Final Fantasy XV Vehicle

Microsoft has announced that a most desired Regalia from Final Fantasy XV is streamer to Forza Horizon 3.

Want Some Final Fantasy XV In Your Forza Horizon 3 ?

Microsoft suggested that a 7.2-litre supercharged V12 Regalia will be available for players who have played a Forza Horizon 3 (on Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Windows 10 PC) and or Final Fantasy XV (on Xbox One or Xbox One S) by Aug 1, 2017. Forza 3 players will be means to redeem a Regalia by a in-game messaging system, while Final Fantasy XV players will accept a formula that they will be means to redeem around a Xbox Live messaging system*. (*not accessible in all markets).

For those who competence have missed Final Fantasy XV (Why?), a Regalia is a categorical choice of ride for a executive impression in a game, Prince Noctis. Not usually is a Regalia one good looking automobile though with all that energy you’ll feel like the king of a highway as we speed by your opponents and into a Australian sunset.

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