Former Overwatch League Moderator Accused Of Leaking Nudes …

UPDATE: Blizzard has expelled a matter about UncleSwagg.

“Uncleswagg has never been an worker during Blizzard. He was partial of a community-driven mediation team, that is now being dissolved in preference of an in-house team. Overwatch is committed to building a village that is welcoming and thorough for all players and fans. Harassment is something that Blizzard, a Overwatch League, and a Overwatch group takes really seriously, and we will not demur to mislay these players from a community.”

Overwatch League Moderator UncleSwagg, who hasn’t publicly suggested his genuine name, has been private from his position amid passionate nuisance allegations.

On Mar 7, UncleSwagg used Twitter to protest about a reversal of his mod standing from a PlayOverwatch and OverwatchLeague Twitch channels. The judge has been partial of a Overwatch village given a game’s Beta, gaining prominence by moderating a chatroom clinging to  one of a game’s biggest streamers, Seagull. According to a couple on his Patreon, UncleSwagg modded 155 channels, stealing horrible prejudice and neglected review in a channel. In a thread on a Competitive Overwatch subreddit, users wondered since Blizzard would clearly desert a judge who’s put so many bid into a diversion for tiny to no pay.

A few hours later, a answer appeared. Cher Scarlett, Lead Web Developer during Starbucks, posted a story on Medium detailing a contemptible story with UncleSwagg. In Jul 2012, Scarlett’s bare cinema leaked online and were common on Imgur. She requested Imgur mislay a images, that it did. A few months later, a cinema popped adult again, this time posted by UncleSwagg. This manuscript was noticed hundreds of thousands of times though her consent, causing her Twitch inbox to be flooded with messages of outrageous vitriol.

“He had dozens of albums of bare photographs, a many finish collection in all of a Twitch community,” Scarlett wrote. “When he perceived a tiny collection of my photographs from a source, he schooled there was someone we had been concerned with in a past who might have some-more and contacted him to get some-more photos for his album.”

uncleswagg The deleted Competitive Overwatch reddit thread, screenshotted by Cher Scarlett Medium

UncleSwagg refused to undo a albums, no matter how many times Scarlett emailed Twitch or Imgur staff. “He had gained a prominence he so desperately wanted by badgering women with punish porn, and being a executive heart for ‘exposing’ a women of a gaming attention with bootleg nudes,” Scarlett wrote. Eventually, a albums were deleted, though afterwards a cinema were uploaded in Aug of 2017, with a same URL as before.

On Twitter, UncleSwagg expelled his possess matter on Twitlonger apologizing for being a “toxic shit” and that he moderated for dual years though compensate since he wanted “to spin (his) life around.”

“I’ve finished a lot of good, and I’ve finished a lot of bad,” UncleSwagg writes. “The good doesn’t forgive a bad, though that immorality chairman isn’t who we am today. we done an bid to make a certain disproportion in a world, don’t consider there is another mod who has left as distant as i did, though it’s over now.” Patreon has deleted his criticism and fans have been discerning to reject a man. A post on a Overwatch subreddit is full of justly angry users, who had no thought that a chairman like this was moderating central Blizzard channels.  

When reached for comment, UncleSwagg declined. Blizzard has still not responded by a time of publication.

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