Former Naughty Dog Employee Accuses Uncharted 4 Lead Multiplayer Designer of Sexual Harassment

May 11, 2018Written by Anthony Nash

naughty dog passionate harassment

In late Oct 2017, former Naughty Dog Environment Artist David Ballard claimed he was sexually tormented while operative during a studio. At a time, a association quickly replied and claimed that an inner review had suggested no justification per it. While things went still for some time, progressing this week Ballard took to Twitter to lamentation on a fact that zero had ever come of it, and afterwards took things a step serve by publicly fixing a male he was allegedly tormented by.

As we can tell from a twitter above, Ballard names Robert Cogburn, who has worked on roughly all of a Uncharted array and served as a Lead Multiplayer Designer for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, as a male he had been referring to a integrate of months ago. Though a twitter was common yesterday, zero seems to have come from it usually yet, with conjunction Cogburn or Naughty Dog commenting on a situation. While we’ll make certain to keep we updated with this story should some-more information be revealed, it seems like this conditions hasn’t finished usually yet.

For a brief summation of Ballard’s comments final October, check out below:

Former Naughty Dog Environment Artist and Multiplayer Level Layout Artist David Ballard has come brazen with allegations of passionate harassment. Ballard says that a occurrence occurred in late 2015, and that his operative sourroundings became increasingly poisonous due to a harasser being a lead. According to Ballard, when he went to the Sony PlayStation tellurian resources dialect in Feb 2016 (after pang from a mental breakdown), he was dismissed a subsequent day. Ballard says he was afterwards offering $20,000 to stay still about a ordeal, though he declined a offer.

Ballard worked twice for Naughty Dog, and worked on a series of games including Uncharted 24, and The Last of Us. His initial army for a association was from 2009 to 2014, he afterwards spent a year during Ubisoft San Francisco as a Senior Environment Artist usually to lapse to Naughty Dog in May 2015. His many new army during a association finished in 2016, after a allegations occurred.

We’ll make certain to refurbish this story as some-more information comes to light.

[Source: Wccftech]

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