Forget Halo 6, Microsoft only announced this large Xbox One X project

It should also be remarkable that these alleviation will also be accessible on a bottom Xbox One console.

“On Wednesday of this week, we announced that we’re both regulating MCC and operative on enhancements for a Scorpio (Xbox One X) chronicle of a game, though we should be transparent here, that in terms of chicken/egg scenarios, regulating a existent “vanilla” Xbox One MCC was a Chicken that laid a Xbox One X extended chronicle egg,” he explained on a new blog post.

“Without a ability and event to reconfigure and repair this thing, we wouldn’t hold an Xbox One update. But a array of changes to a Xbox architecture, some of them associated to Xbox One X – and others only a array of ongoing improvements to a OS and behind finish networking systems, have burst open an event we’ve wanted to seize for many, many months now. 

“So to be super clear, these fixes will request to both unchanging Xbox One chronicle and a Xbox One X enhancements.

“We’re also removing a lot of assistance from a (wholly separate) Halo 5 team, who combined a most some-more strong complement for a launch of that diversion and continue to make improvements to their networking model.”

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