Ford Dealership Takes Firewatch Art To Advertise Sale [UPDATE]

A Ford automobile dealership in Quincy, Massachusetts used art from a strike indie diversion Firewatch in a new advertisement, displaying a game’s signature towering scenery in an e-mail blast sent to business about a new sale today.

Kotaku reader asmallcat forwarded us an e-mail of a ad, that clearly uses art from a game. Olly Moss, Firewatch’s artist, told us currently that he did not give a dealership accede to use his art. Designer Sean Vanaman also tweeted his distaste for Ford’s purported copyright infringement.

The Ford announcement sent by asmallcat

An picture from Firewatch for comparison

When reached by Kotaku, a Ford dealership pronounced they didn’t know what we were articulate about. A deputy for Ford’s inhabitant bend told us this afternoon that they’re looking into this. In an e-mail to Game Informer progressing today, Quincy Ford’s executive of selling Sean Western pronounced that his organisation had found this art on a website


Update – 7:40 pm: Ford sent over a matter explaining that their dealers are eccentric businesses. “Ford was not concerned in formulating a Quirk dealership advertising,” they added.

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