Florida Mayhem Scores First Win Of The Overwatch League’s Second Stage

Photo: Robert Paul (Blizzard Esports)

The Florida Mayhem have heart, though a yellow-and-red has also been struggling to mangle out from a bottom of a standings. Last night, with a behind opposite a wall, a group started to spin things around with a plain retreat brush of a Dallas Fuel.

Despite early signs of life for a Mayhem, a Fuel looked set and prepared to take a array outright. After dual exhausting maps in a favor, a Fuel launched a warn Mei-Bastion strat on King’s Row, looking to pass a Mayhem.

Though a play was clever, a Fuel forgot one essential thing: a objective.

Pulling out to 1-2, a Mayhem had to make a plays on invulnerability again, perplexing to reason a final indicate of Watchpoint: Gibraltar opposite a surging Fuel offense. A win meant additional rounds, a tie or detriment meant another total in a detriment column. Against all odds, it was Kevyn “Tviq” Lindström who done a purchase play as Tracer, adhering to a cargo and preventing swell while his group respawned and returned to a fight.


It was truly a steer to see Lindström uncover a disproportion a singular actor can make in a right spot, during a right time. In a final tiebreaker turn on Ilios, both teams were in a high 90-percentage of control, though it was Florida who pulled out a purchase nonetheless again in a final m�lange for a control point.


Where Lindström’s particular play was considerable in a tie-forcing map, watch a Florida Mayhem on this final control point. The approach a whole group snaps from aim to aim is damn impressive, roughly text focus.

The Fuel suffered a distressing loss, while things are looking balmy for a Mayhem. Joonas “Zappis” Alakurtti (pictured during a top) wasn’t means to play this week, though did uncover adult in a throng donning a Mayhem colors. Between some new talent and a rousing retreat sweep, a Mayhem are removing a exhale of uninformed air; what they do with it will be sparkling to see.

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