Firewatch Steam reviews dump as gamers support PewDiePie

Steam’s examination complement is not always a loyal thoughtfulness of a gamers knowledge with a game. We recently saw disastrous Dota 2 reviews given gamers were blaming Dota 2 for murdering Half Life 3.




Now gamers have recently taken to Campo Santo’s walking simulator, Firewatch with a resources of disastrous reviews in criticism of Campo Santo’s co-founder Sean Vanaman’s new Twitter remarks “We’re filing a DMCA takedown of PewDiePie’s Firewatch calm and any destiny Campo Santo games.”


In a new tide of PUBG, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg forsaken a n-word and this clearly dissapoint a Campo Santo co-founder. Vanaman has given speedy other developers to do a same, that has caused a gaming village to convene behind PewDiePie.


Not each Steam examination has referenced Campo Santo’s DMCA takedown, with some users usually blatantly criticizing a diversion for what done Firewatch a success. Overall, Firewatch has 86% certain standing from 25,949 reviews, that is a satisfactory reflection. However, new reviews is rated as churned with usually 51% certain and is firm to continue to drop.




PewDiePie has given released an reparation that we can perspective below, it will be engaging to see what impact these new events have for a renouned streamer.


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