Firewatch sole 500000 copies in one month

Firewatch Pixel Boost (39)

We favourite a ruggedly pleasing deep-woods fire-watching sim Firewatch utterly a bit. And as it turns out, so did utterly a lot of other people. Publisher Panic recently suggested on a blog that a diversion sole roughly 500,000 full-priced copies in a initial month of release, and that sales were clever adequate that it was means to redeem a investment, that it described as “huge for us,” in a singular day.

“As an indie game, or heck, even as a ‘real’ game, ok excellent though not as a Call of Duty or Star Wars game, Firewatch can be deliberate a sales success,” a association wrote. “We’re so grateful. And relieved. But mostly grateful.”

A fun warn during a finish of Firewatch—and we suspect this is a spoiler, though we did a news post about it behind in Feb and so we consider it’s satisfactory diversion during this point—is a ability to upload a photos you’d taken with a in-game disposable camera to a Firewatch server, and even have earthy copies printed and mailed to you. Panic pronounced that 214,802 photos had been uploaded when a blog post was written, and that “well over 1000 sets” of photos had been printed and shipped.

The post also addresses a game’s ending, that not everybody loved. we suspicion it was a bit overly constructed though a good fit with a game’s altogether tone; in our review, however, we call it “fairly rushed [and] unsatisfying,” but any genuine aptitude to possibly Henry, a lead character, or a game’s overarching theme. (Another small spoiler warning for a quote below.)

“When we make a game, you’re revelation a story, and there’s no ‘patch’ in a universe that will make a story ideal for everyone,” a dev wrote. “We were entirely prepared for this, but: some people unequivocally desired Firewatch’s ending, others didn’t. Both opinions are totally valid. But we wanted to tell a ‘real-life’ story, and those mostly finish sensitively and sadly. We’re only beholden people played adequate to have an opinion!)”

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