Firewatch Sold 500000 Copies in First Month

Campo Santo’s Firewatch is an indie diversion hit, with publisher Panic stating that a diversion has sole over 500,000 copies, bringing in $10 million in revenue.

Whenever developers leave determined studios and set off on their possess to work in a indie diversion scene, it’s a vital risk. These developers are mostly withdrawal behind “sure thing” jobs in sequence to work on their video diversion dream projects. For a developers during Campo Santo, that play has paid off, as Firewatch has proven to be really lucrative within a initial month on sale.

Firewatch, a narrative-driven video diversion grown by former Walking Dead and Mark of a Ninja devs, has sole over 500,000 copies opposite PC and PlayStation 4. This equates to about $10 million in revenue, not counting a cut taken by digital storefronts, and makes Firewatch an inarguable sales success.

Firewatch was a best-selling PSN diversion of February, yet a PC chronicle has resulted in a developers carrying an additional source of revenue. This is interjection to Firewatch‘s photo-printing feature on PC, that allows users to imitation off tangible photographs taken with a in-game camera. According to Firewatch‘s publisher Panic, over 1,000 print sets have been sole given launch, ensuing in another $15,000 in income for a game.

The camera sets paint a singular approach for Campo Santo to beget additional income from a game. While some might sneer during a thought of profitable genuine universe income for prints of in-game photos, Campo Santo did make a print copy partial of a Firewatch universe, going so distant as to have Delilah voice singer Cissy Jones discuss a one-hour print association Fotodome in a game. The print sets give players a earthy prerogative in sell for their money, that some might find preferable to purchasing digital media like cosmetic DLC items, for example.

Firewatch PS4 sales

Firewatch PS4 sales

Overall, a sales success of Firewatch is not that surprising. Even yet it is an indie game, a pretension expelled to a healthy volume of vicious acclaim, with a own Firewatch review giving a pretension high outlines as well. There’s also a clever resumes of a Campo Santo staff, who expected drew their satisfactory share of fans to a project. The success of Firewatch means that even some-more eyes will be examination Campo Santo to see what diversion a association will furnish next, and after Firewatch, a bar has been set flattering high.

Are we one of a 500,000 gamers that downloaded Firewatch? Did we suffer a game, or were we unhappy by it? Are we vehement to see what Campo Santo will emanate next? Get during us in a comments next and leave us your thoughts on Campo Santo and Firewatch.

Firewatch is now accessible for PC and PlayStation 4.

Source: Polygon

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