Firewatch Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced, Play it as Soon as Two Weeks

Developer Campo Santo announced that their smash-hit title, Firewatch has finally found a recover date for a Nintendo Switch and it is earlier than we might think!

Firewatch is scheduled to recover after this month on Dec 17th. Campo Santo has combined a shining pretension in Firewatch as it blends first-person action-oriented gameplay with mystery. There’s a dash of fear elements dashed in there, though altogether a diversion manages to tell a really good told story filled with twists, turns, and reveals!

Check out a central chatter down below:

Earlier this year, a developer announced a Nintendo Switch version by their central Twitter, as good as a brief outline of how a handheld console will concede we to take a diversion with we anywhere we want. Firewatch originally expelled behind in Feb 2016. At a start of 2017, Firewatch broke the 1 Million copies sold milestone, and a small over dual years later, it’s finally entrance to a Nintendo Switch.

Firewatch is set to recover for a Nintendo Switch on Dec 17th. Are we vehement for a game’s arrival? Let us know in a comments below!

Source: Twitter

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