Firewatch is removing review-bombed on Steam

The vast gaming debate of a week (so far) kicked off in a vast approach on Sunday when YouTuber PewDiePie forsaken an ugly secular slur in an indignant outburst during a PUBG livestream. That stirred Firewatch developer Campo Santo to disassociate itself with a pennon by filing a DMCA takedown notice opposite all of his Firewatch content. And as day follows night, that in spin has resulted in a consummate and ongoing review-bombing debate opposite a diversion on Steam.

Firewatch was expelled in early 2016 and a altogether rating, opposite good over 25,000 Steam user reviews, is “very positive.” (And so it should be, we would add.) But new reviews are “mixed”—industry parlance for “bad”—and it’s not tough to figure out why. 

  • “Terrible story, too short, and amicable probity soldier developers. Forgettable game.”
  • “At slightest one of a diversion devs seems to be a DMCA abusing SJW crybaby who is regulating copyright laws to wrongfully take down videos if a reviewer uses a word he doesn’t like.”
  • “Some SJW dev. so yeah♥♥♥♥♥”
  • “The developers seem to support censorship that we will not.”
  • “The fact that a creator of this diversion severely went after pewdiepie is ♥♥♥♥ing pathetic. Instead of complaining, he should ♥♥♥♥ing repair his game. Worst storyline ever”
  • “This is one of a many pleasing games. Short, though amazing. Pulls we in and keeps we intrigued from start to finish. However, disastrous examination means a developer is a whiny baby, filing DMCA takedowns over hurtful words.” 

In box there was any doubt about a proclivity behind all of this, we poked during a many new 50 disastrous user reviews and 43 of them uncover 0 hours played in a past dual weeks; of those that do have new time on a clock, 5 of them are for reduction than an hour.  

The disastrous reviews will substantially have small unsentimental impact on Campo Santo’s fortunes. Firewatch has been out for good over a year and has already enjoyed a good understanding of success, violation one million copies sold late final year. But as we explained in June, Steam examination bombing works: Its efficacy is dull opposite comparison games, though as we saw when Valve fast pulled a plug on a initial try to deliver paid mods to Steam, it’s not only indignant screaming into a void. Even in support of indeterminate (or undisguised odious) causes, orderly campaigns like this can give an impactful voice to vast groups of indignant consumers.

As for a act that illuminated a fuse, Campo Santo trainer Sean Vanaman after voiced “regret” over regulating a DMCA takedown notice, revelation Buzzfeed that “censorship is not a best thing for debate and if we had a approach to hit PewDiePie and take a video down, we substantially would.” That said, we asked some lawyers about it and they told us he was ideally within his rights to do so.

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