Firewatch Inspires Teenager To Save Real Life Fire Lookout

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Jack Kelley knew he wanted to play Firewatch since observant a initial pieces of artwork. After a diversion expelled in 2016, Kelley became preoccupied by a genuine universe notice towers that desirous a game, culminating in a 14-year-old fan saving a ancestral notice building from demolition.

“Campo Santo unequivocally altered my life with Firewatch,” Kelley told Kotaku in an email. Firewatch is a brief game about a male named Henry who takes a pursuit as a glow notice in Wyoming, where he befriends a associate notice named Delilah. They’re both using from collection of their pasts though find condolence in a association of one another’s discarnate voices toll out by aged walkie talkies. Where many players were condemned by a tragedy that solemnly reveals itself over a march of a game’s story, what stranded in Kelley’s mind many were the watch towers themselves.

“I was transfixed by glow towers, and started training about a ones around me and spending some-more and some-more of my time researching,” he said. Earlier this month he tweeted about Campo Santo’s diversion and how it altered his life. “One thing led to another, and afterwards I’m a youngest member of a Forest Fire Lookout Association (FFLA)” he tweeted.

A notice building during Pleasant Mountain in Fryeburg, ME.

After finishing Firewatch Kelley started visiting and researching glow towers. He’s visited a opposite building scarcely each weekend given a diversion came out, trimming from a Western corner of Maryland to a Eastern limit of Maine. He estimates that he and his father have driven about 1,180 miles.


One of these trips was final Aug in which, after removing off a 12-hour work shift, John Kelley gathering his son 5 hours north to Sebec, Maine, so they could revisit a Wadleigh Mountain glow building before it was taken down in a following months. “We got to where we were staying during 1:00 AM. We slept for usually 5 hours. It was, we guessed it, a good time,” a younger Kelley said.

On another outing they spent a full day in Barre, Vermont, during a Vermont Historical Society’s domicile with his father digging by maps and books. This wasn’t only to lower his possess bargain of a theme matter, though to use a strange sources to fill in gaps in a FFLA’s believe of Vermont watchtowers.


Founded in 1990, a FFLA has several chapters opposite a US and Canada. Kelley has stretched a organization’s repository of information, and he also combined and maintains a Massachusetts FFLA Facebook page. “It isn’t easy,” he said. “This sounds unequivocally narcissistic though we know a lot about glow towers, and a good apportionment of that kind of exercise of information and investigate is not easy. It takes dedication.” That loyalty includes visiting over 140 opposite towers, delivering talks on a theme to hikers, and eventually handling to save one of a some-more singular ones from being totally destroyed.

Last August, Kelley schooled by a march of his investigate that a Powellville Aermotor LS-40 tower in Maryland, one of a tallest in existence during 144 feet, was set to come down. “Being a partial of a FFLA, and investing as most time as we have into glow lookouts, creates me feel a arrange of shortcoming to do what we can to save a building that competence come down,” he said. “Since a genuine decrease in use of glow towers began in a 1960’s, thousands of lookouts opposite a nation have been burned, razed, scrapped, disassembled, or differently removed, many though rite or some-more than a few people to see their end.” The Maryland structure is a tallest glow building easterly of a Mississippi River according to Kelley’s research, and even has an total “widow’s walk,” a height atop a cab used to advise of intensity conflict aircrafts during WWII. “I don’t wish to ever lay behind and let a building come down though a tiny bit of a quarrel if we can assistance it, though this conditions was special due to a building in question.”

Jack Kelley, his father John Kelley, and their dog Everett during a rebuilt Goat Peak regard building in Holyoke, MA.


Utilizing a sustenance of a Maryland Historical Trust examination process, Kelley contacted a state as an “interested party” to try to negotiate some choice for a Powellville building that wouldn’t finish in a shoal scrapyard grave. “I contacted Charles Mazurek, who was a lead on a devise for a Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and discussed several refuge options, as good as since we believed a building should be saved,” he said. Several Google Docs creation his box later, Kelley got a call final tumble observant a DNR had concluded to dismantle a building and demeanour for a plcae where it could be rebuilt and easy in a future.

“This was, and still is, one of my proudest achievements,” Kelley said. “While a notice is still being taken down, a pieces are being saved for a destiny rebuilding, as against to being scrapped, since of me, that we consider is flattering great.”

None of this would have happened though a symbol left by Firewatch. But Kelley tells me it wouldn’t have happened possibly though his mom being peaceful to listen to him speak forever about keen watchtower sum and his father spending vast weekends holding him to try most of a Northeastern Corridor’s interior. “There are too many good memories from too many places for me to have a decisive favorite, nonetheless Whitney Hill in Macwahoc Plantation, Maine, is close,” pronounced Kelley. “I adore remote towers and Maine has some flattering hard-to-find ones. When station in a tiny clearing in front of a mount of pines a building sits in, all we can see are 4 vast petrify footings, and then, 72ft up, a rusted steel cab adhering out of a treetops like a pillar of a boat about to go under.”


Smartphones and satellites have severely discontinued a purpose of a normal glow notice tower. As a result, many have been phased out over a final decade, ancestral landmarks erased underneath a vigour of cash-strapped state budgets and softened notice tools. Firewatch itself is set in 1988, right during a fork of this transformative technological revolution. While Firewatch preserves these towers in a digital sense, Kelley is operative diligently to safety them in a genuine world.

“Thousands of lookouts opposite a nation have been burned, razed, scrapped, disassembled, or differently removed, many though rite or some-more than a few people to see their end,” pronounced Kelley. “It’s one of a initial things we schooled dual years ago when researching, and a some-more we schooled a some-more it came up. we mean, all ends eventually, though there are lots of situations where there was simply nobody during a right place and time who cared about an deserted building or could do anything to save it, so a building was removed.”


Unlike a finale of Firewatch where a past is buried and after burnt away, Kelley doesn’t devise to let a same thing occur to America’s good glow notice towers.

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