Firewatch fans are disturbed that In a Valley of Gods has been canceled

In a Valley of Gods, Campo Santo’s follow-up to a glorious Firewatch, was denounced during The Game Awards in late 2017. In April 2018 we got a closer demeanour during a diversion and spoke in fact with a studio about a relations in a diversion and a many inspirations, from wordless films to 1920s archaeology, all in use of capturing a feeling of what it competence unequivocally be like to run your ride opposite an ancient, inscripted wall.

Since then, there’s been nothing. That overpower isn’t out of impression for Valve, that acquired Campo Santo right around a time of that preview, though new changes in a Twitter bios of 3 of a lead developers—Firewatch writer and 3D sourroundings artist Jane Ng, art executive Claire Hummel, and Campo Santo co-founder Jake Rodkin—has some supporters disturbed that a diversion has been canceled.

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