Firewatch Fan Ordered a Book That Doesn’t Exist, Studio Sent It to Him

Firewatch Fan Ordered ‘Love during First Site’ From a Fictional Catalogue

A Firewatch fan who is looking to uncover their adore of a diversion can sequence collectibles formed on equipment found in pronounced game. There’s t-shirts, posters, stickers and notebooks, a final of that are finished adult to demeanour like a array of crime novels found via a game. They even come with old-school sequence forms for appropriation some-more novels from a same fictitious edition house. A fan named Ryan filled out this sequence form and sent it to Campo Santo, a studio behind a game.

Firewatch Fan Copy of Love during First Site

Touching, right? Not only a enrich of a top order, though one that plays along with a developers’ clarity of humour. Of course, they had to respond in kind. So they done a book. ‘Love during First Site’ is a one-of-a-kind column pulled from a low recesses of a Firewatch setting.  The group baked adult a cover art, a content on a behind and a minute from a publisher. No word on either or not a essence are an tangible pap novella intrigue novel.

The enclosed minute states that this is a “last book in a whole warehouse.” In other words, no one else is expected removing a duplicate of ‘Love during First Site.’ The developers during Campo Santo aren’t even certain if Ryan got his copy, as they have listened zero behind given receiving a strange sequence form several months ago. If Ryan did get a book, it’s protected to assume he wasn’t awaiting it in a mail when it arrived. All that’s left now is for someone to lay down and write ‘Love during First Site’ for real.


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