Firewatch Devs Campo Santo Purchased By Valve

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April 24, 2018 during 11:36 AM /
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Firewatch developer Campo Santo has been purchased by Valve, according to a central Campo Santo website.

The news came on Saturday, around a blog post on a website attributed simply to “Campo Santo” rather than any specific individual. The blog post sum some of a reasons behind Campo Santo and Valve’s decision, as good as a few logistical points about how Campo Santo will continue to make games and what this preference means for a company’s future.

In a post, a Firewatch devs speak about their growth and business processes, and how “all of it is geared towards surprising, delighting, and interesting a business who have common in [their] success.” In Valve, they have apparently found “a organisation of folks who, to their core, feel a same approach about a work that they do,” creation a squeeze an “obvious match.”

There’s also a tongue-in-cheek anxiety to a bottle of champagne found during a revisit to IGN’s headquarters, that had an undelivered Game of a Year endowment for Portal 2 inscribed on it. Campo Santo “repurposed” this bottle to applaud a launch of Firewatch a year after a visit, so “in some sense, this is a lapse home for [them].”

Campo Santo will immigrate to Valve’s HQ in Bellevue, Washington, though will continue to rise games underneath their possess name (just with Valve’s name also trustworthy to projects). Upcoming “single-player first-person adventure” In a Valley of Gods will be unblushing by a move, detached from now being a Valve diversion as good as a Campo Santo product. In addition, Campo Santo has affianced to continue ancillary Firewatch, as good as producing their regular blog content and Quarterly Review website content. The core Campo Santo group of twelve, it seems, won’t be influenced or altered by this decision.

How do we feel about Valve purchasing Campo Santo? Looking brazen to personification In a Valley of Gods? Let us know in a comments below!


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