Firewatch collectibles walkthrough: Prologue

This is fundamentally a initial 20 mins of Up in video-game form — spare, superb and a small bit heartbreaking. Read along with a content that appears on a screen, and make your choices when asked. No matter what we select, you’ll finish adult in a same place: hiking to your new summer pursuit during a Two Forks Watchtower.

Optional: Pick adult a new hat

The second time we take control of Henry, you’ll be removing out of a lorry during a trailhead. Before starting down a trail, conduct around to a other side of a lorry to find a honeyed commemoration nearby a front passenger-side wheel.

When we make it to your watchtower, we can take a demeanour around, make yourself during home, and accommodate Delilah, your supervisor, who resides in a lost Thorofare Lookout. You can see her building off to a north. Delilah welcomes we around walkie-talkie before we fall into bed.

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