Firewatch Art Just Can’t Help But To Be Stolen By Popular Brands, Apparently

Slide 2/2 – But wait, there’s more:

Vanaman went on to serve criticism on a mess: 

“Man, that crappy dwindle on tip of a iconic surveillance building unequivocally drives us crazy. we’re a ten-team association that put years of a life into that image.” To that was immediately responded to with an additional picture poached from a really same association alongside a caption, “and we indicate it out, nonetheless still a few hours after they do it again.” 

So far, Salesforce has not done any criticism about a accustations – though one demeanour during their Twitter feed shows that they can’t assistance though to be wakeful of it. 

It’s not a initial time this has happened, other companies such as Gillette have also been strike with a copyright claim, as good as Ford for regulating a accurate same building picture that Salesforce used. The surveillance continues. What association will be “inspired” next? Will Salesforce respond with an apology? 

Story building …

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