Fire watch this weekend; be prepared, says county – Ramona Sentinel – The San Diego Union

Forecasters have released a glow continue watch for San Diego County internal valleys and plateau from this weekend by Tuesday, and a watch has a clever intensity of building into a red dwindle warning.

The County Office of Emergency Services recommends we take stairs now to relieve a glow risk around your home and be prepared to evacuate if a glow does mangle out.

The National Weather Service released a watch due to low humidity, feverishness and clever blowing offshore winds likely of adult to 50 mph Sunday by Tuesday. During vicious glow weather, residents can take surety stairs such as creating confirmed space to strengthen their home in a eventuality of a wildfire.

But only before or once winds get prohibited and dry, don’t transparent with a mower or weed knife since they can incidentally hint a fire.

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