Fire watch cameras to be deliberate in Sonoma County and commissioned within months – KGO

Sonoma County Supervisors are deliberation installing glow watch cameras opposite a county. The cameras would assistance brand wildfires early and dispatch resources.

Fire watch cameras atop Bald Mountain prisoner a County Fire in Yolo County. Similar cameras could shortly be commissioned in Sonoma County.

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“Even as elementary as it sounds it’s so critical,” pronounced Graham Kent, University of Nevada, Reno. He says a cameras assistance locate glow in seconds not minutes.

“We have a good lightning interface that helps us learn a lot of lightning formed fires,” pronounced Kent.

Time is vicious for Cal Fire Captain Mike Mohler.

“We can see an early start on a glow and start pulling resources that direction,” pronounced Capt. Mohler.

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One of a due glow watch camera locations is in a hills around Santa Rosa.

Pepperwood Preserve is towering adequate to see a hilltops and most of a bake scarring from final year’s firestorm. If authorized a cameras could be commissioned forward of a one year anniversary.

“We had success with them and still do in Southern California so positively it’s something that we would really use,” pronounced Capt. Mohler.

The cameras would be commissioned on existent towers with a initial collection put adult around Lake Sonoma. It’s a critical fountainhead provision some-more than 600,000 people in a North Bay with celebration water.

The plan is estimated to cost around $475,000. County supervisors will cruise a offer on Aug 7th.

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