Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto VR shooter mode has been canceled

At slightest we have VR fishing…right?

Originally suggested final year during E3 2016, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy XV would be playable in VR, in a form of a “VR Experience.” It was showcased as a first-person lightgun-style mode, in that we play as Prompto (who was sporting a snazzy PlayStation VR headset) and fire enemies in their diseased spots and teleport around a environment.

However, over a year later, Square Enix has reliable that this “technology demo,” as they put it, will no longer be expelled to a open and is effectively canceled.

At a time, executive Hajime Tabata said:

“It unequivocally is something additional to be enjoyed by a people who purchased a game. We’re meditative it’ll substantially be a DLC recover after for a game, it unequivocally is a core faith that we should prove a people who buy a diversion that we’ve done as most as possible; we also wish them to play for as prolonged as probable too so it unequivocally does assistance with that–gives them something extra.”

In a matter to GameSpot, Square Enix said: “Since then, we have schooled most from a record and have leveraged a learnings from a Episode Prompto DLC.” Which some-more or reduction sounds like they overestimated a record in PlayStation VR and couldn’t utterly grasp what they were aiming for.

On a certain side, PlayStation VR fans still have Monster of a Deep: Final Fantasy XV to demeanour brazen too, set to recover this Sep — as good as a new multiplayer enlargement in a nearby future. Personally, we spent an annoying volume of time fishing in Final Fantasy XV, so I’d take a VR fishing diversion over a clunky looking light-gun shooter any day. But what do we think?

Final Fantasy 15’s Prompto VR Shooter Mode Won’t Be Released, Square Enix Confirms [GameSpot]

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