Final Fantasy XV’s flattering day and night cycle shown off in video

I know it sounds weird, though I’m anticipating some-more than a few of we will determine with me here. One of my favorite things to do in vast games grown with an importance on their environments and day and night cycles, is to indeed lay once or twice and watch a object rise.

Crazy, we know. we did this with Red Dead Redemption all a time, for instance. Really, any time a object would set while we was between points, I’d stop, find a hilltop and enjoy. What a beautiful diversion that was.


Well, thankfully, that trend will continue for me. Final Fantasy XV has a stunner of an environment, and this time-lapse video from a folks at IGN highlights one of my some-more pardonable practices. We get to see a object arise and set on Hammerhead. It’s neat.

Final Fantasy XV arrives on Sep 30, 2016, for a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Will we take a time to watch a sunrise? Or, am we only nuts?

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