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Not perfect, though damn good

Final Fantasy XV‘s PC chronicle was behind to make it a best PC chronicle it could be. If you’ve been personification games on PC for prolonged enough, you’ve listened this strain and dance before. Square Enix has had a good lane record recently with their PC ports…and then Chrono Trigger came out on Steam. So yeah, any certainty in a association to emanate a plain PC pier stays approach adult in a atmosphere where it belongs.

Enter Final Fantasy XV. Oh sorry, need to honour a branding here.




Tested on: Intel i7-4770k 3.50 GHz, 8GB of RAM, GeForce GTX 970, Windows 10. Framerate totalled with in-game apparatus and Nvidia’s overlay. The 4K hardness container was not used.

First of all, this diversion is a genuine space hog: 85 GB without the high-resolution hardness pack, that adds an extra 70 GB or so. we did not use this hardness pack, given holy shit my mechanism would explode. Maybe once graphics cards make their approach towards being indeed affordable again, I’ll be means to upgrade. But until then, I’ll hang with my regular-k textures. The cinema of food still demeanour great, though!

With a graphics usually set to “Average,” a diversion still looks great. Best of all, a graphics are completely customizable. The diversion ran during a near-perfect 60 frames per second on Average — it would always drop while driving. we was also means to get FFXV to run during 55-60 FPS by tinkering with a graphics options and still carrying high-quality indication textures. Who needs high-res shadows anyway? There’s also some heated Nvidia options like HairWorks and TurfEffects, though God damn male I’m dipping underneath 60 on Average. we don’t even wish to know what kind of PC can run all of these options maxed out. In fact, I’m not totally certain there is one, yet.

The PC fight controls are serviceable, though a game’s pattern only lends itself some-more to a controller. While we did feel like we had improved timing with my dodges and parries regulating a right rodent button, only about all else felt approach some-more gentle with a controller. Luckily, a diversion auto-recognizes any controller submit and will change a on-screen prompts to compare a many recently-used control style. They’ve even avoided a “Always regulating prompts from one console” emanate by display a symbol plcae on a controller as a prompt. It’s a intelligent workaround that also looks elegant.

The biggest emanate we had in fight on a rodent and keyboard was when we wanted my teammates to lift off their techniques. While on a controller we simply reason a left fender and press a d-pad in a instruction of a pierce we wish to use, a PC controls use mouse direction. So to name a technique on a top, we need to pierce your rodent upwards. The problem is, we are expected already doing this. we mislaid count as to how many times a teammate’s technique was used now given it review my already-occurring rodent submit as my dictated direction.

The PC menu controls are comprehensive trash. Like, don’t even bother. Even if we enjoy/prefer a PC controls in combat, have a controller connected only to navigate a map. There is no rodent support in a menu, other than a absurd mouse-direction shit we mentioned for a techniques, that is also invalid here. When a map is up, given WASD and a arrow keys do other things, we need to use a super-popular IJKL keys to navigate a cursor.


There is no Borderless Fullscreen option, and alt-tabbing messes things adult utterly a bit. Every time we alt-tabbed out and came behind in, a diversion was no longer in fullscreen, and instead it was windowed though during my local fortitude — something many PC players have expected seen before. It’s only a matter of streamer behind into a options to repair it, though it is frustrating. I’ve also had a diversion pile-up twice on me: once when we was personification with a options in a categorical menu, and once some-more while environment adult camp. The latter unfolding was quite frustrating given it came right before a save, so we mislaid a bit of progress. It hasn’t happened since, though we have been saving most some-more frequently only in case. There were also reports of summons positively tanking the framerate, requiring a restart to fix, though that has already been patched. That’s right, FFXV has already perceived some-more rags on PC than NieR: Automata.

I’m overtly repelled during how good Final Fantasy XV runs on PC. we knew Square Enix was able of good things, though it seems like a hurl of a bones as to either or not it will deliver. Hopefully, this is a benchmark relocating brazen with a ports, given it’s positively stellar, notwithstanding some peculiar oversights.

[This PC Port Report is formed on a sell build of a diversion supposing by a publisher.]

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