Final Fantasy XV’s Original PSVR Experience Won’t Be Released

You substantially figured this one out already but, only to make it clear, a strange PlayStation VR (PSVR) demo for Final Fantasy XV that was suggested during E3 2016 won’t be released.

Let me make that clear; we don’t meant Monster of a Deep: Final Fantasy XV, that was suggested during E3 2017 in June. Last year on Sony’s theatre Square Enix suggested what it called Final Fantasy 15: Episode Prompto, a VR tie-in knowledge in that we tranquil one of a game’s expel of characters and used guns to take down some of a game’s large monsters. The accepting from a E3 uncover building was lukewarm, yet we insincere that a knowledge would eventually be expelled for PSVR owners to try out.

Speaking during The PlayStation Experience South East Asia, though, Lead Designer of Final Fantasy 15, Wan Hazmer, reliable that this wouldn’t be a case. “The Prompto Shooting diversion was indeed a showcase behind then,” he said. “It was only to showcase a energy of a VR – yet we have Monster of a Deep!”

Truth be told you’re substantially not blank out on much; a demo looked rather obsolete compared to other VR shooters, and Monster of a Deep looks like a most bigger and improved game. It’s not a initial Final Fantasy VR demo to never see a light of day either, as behind in 2014 Sony showcased a demo of Final Fantasy XIV using inside a headset too (yes, a MMO). As we reported progressing in a week, Hazmer also suggested new details about a arriving title, that is approaching to strike PSVR subsequent month. We’ve left hands-on with it and it’s looking promising.

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