Final Fantasy XV’s New DLC Episode Is Basically Metal Gear Prompto

By Sato . Jun 15, 2017 . 12:00am


Final Fantasy XV is removing a latest DLC partial story that revolves around Prompto Argentum in his possess story that facilities a opposite third-person shooter character of gameplay.


Here’s a demeanour during some footage that was showcased around Square Enix Presents during E3 2017. The story takes place in a certain partial of Final Fantasy XV when Prompto leaves a group, and this fills a small opening of time from Prompto’s perspective.


It facilities a possess opposite character of gameplay, where Prompto will penetrate a building and hide around. While he can fire enemies down, he’ll also get to stealth-takedown enemies Solid Snake-style.


Final Fantasy XV is accessible on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Episode Prompto launches on Jun 27, 2017.

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