Final Fantasy XV’s Director Clears Up A Major Ending Plot Point

There’s one large tract indicate left obscure during a finish of Final Fantasy XV, so we suspicion I’d ask executive Hajime Tabata about it. In an talk progressing this month, he offering some useful clarification, also acknowledging that a game’s story was a bit… messy.

Spoilers follow, obviously. we mean, did we unequivocally see a title about Final Fantasy XV’s finale and think, “Wow, this will be a good spoiler-free discussion?” There are spoilers here. Don’t contend we didn’t advise you. If we review any further, we will be spoiled.


Final Fantasy XV concludes in tragedy, as a protagonist, Noctis, sacrifices his life to forestall a antagonist, Ardyn, from totally destroying a world. The final thing we see is an picture of Noctis and his bride-to-be, Luna, kissing in a afterlife. What we don’t see is what happened to Noctis’s friends: Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis. When Noctis goes after Ardyn, they stay behind, fighting off a call of absolute monsters in what appears to be a sacrificial final stand.

Well, Tabata says they’re alive. And nonetheless he pronounced we substantially won’t see any destiny downloadable calm that shows what happens to Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis after a credits roll, he did assure me that their finale is not going to be happy.

“Obviously it’s unequivocally tough to pinpoint what accurately creates a certain chairman or impression happy,” Tabata said, vocalization by a translator. “The fact that they were a celebration of 4 and one of a celebration is no longer there, it’ll substantially be tough to contend that they’re entirely happy. That said, they indispensable to do what they indispensable to do, so they had that clarity of purpose. And I’m certain they’re unequivocally unapproachable of what they’ve achieved and what they’ve overcome. So in that clarity maybe that overlaps with how we feel towards a diversion itself.”


As for a game’s other lax threads? Well, Tabata wouldn’t tell me who Noctis’s mom is, hinting that that competence be a tract indicate in a future. (“I can’t contend right now.”) He also didn’t have most to contend about since a squad cared so most about a dearly over crony Jared, indicating out that a concentration of that weird stage should have unequivocally been on Jared’s grandson, Talcott, in whom Noctis sees some of his possess pain.

Even Final Fantasy XV’s staunchest defenders—of that we am one—would determine that a game’s story felt disorderly and incomplete. Tabata agrees. “Understandably within a categorical diversion there were certain aspects that lacked explanation, and that’s been some of a feedback we perceived from fans,” he said.

So we asked a doubt that many fans have been asking: Were those account deficiencies since of Versus XIII, a strange incarnation of FFXV that was afterwards rebooted and handed to Tabata in 2013? Was Final Fantasy XV’s story so sparse since Tabata had to deliver a tract that wasn’t his?

“It has zero unequivocally to do with Versus,” Tabata said. “Of march formulating this kind of grand journey on PS4 and Xbox One, it’s a tough charge to accomplish. In that sense, we substantially lacked a strength, or abilities and skills, in sequence to unequivocally finish that in a finish sense. That isn’t to contend that this is a low achievement. We do cruise what we’ve finished to be a high achievement.” 

Tabata combined that one of his goals by Final Fantasy XV’s downloadable content—which will continue for an indistinct time to come—was to patch tract holes and give players a improved bargain of a game’s story. “We’re invariably flourishing as developers as well,” he said. “And so we’re finally during a indicate where we’re also means to try to plea ourselves to tackle some of those blank pieces.”

Episodes Gladiolus and Prompto came out progressing this year, with Episode Ignis to follow in December. Tabata hinted that there are some-more downloadable episodes to come soon—likely formed on characters like Ardyn and Luna—and nonetheless he pronounced he has an endpoint in mind for Final Fantasy XV, he wouldn’t contend when. After that, he and his group will pierce on to a new IP, nonetheless we shouldn’t design to see that until a PlayStation 5 comes around. “We’re not unequivocally meditative of this plan for a stream generation,” he said, vocalization of his subsequent game. “We’re looking some-more toward a future. So there competence be a small some-more time before anything comes out.”

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