Final Fantasy XV’s Delayed Magitek Exosuit Coming with Free Update this Month

Remember a “Magitek Exosuit” that was betrothed for a Feb refurbish of Final Fantasy XV?

I wouldn’t be astounded if we forgot about them. They were initial introduced during a Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary event, and were ostensible to come in February, though they got delayed indefinitely since a copyright holders of a unsurprisingly unsatisfactory Power Rangers film motionless that a suits were too identical to a Power Rangers pattern for comfort, and filed a censure forcing a group during Square Enix to emanate a full redesign.

Of course, a strange pattern (that we can see above, we don’t have a pattern of a new pattern only yet, so that’s a aged one) was only an loyalty to a typically Japanese Super Sentai series, though we theory not everybody can tell a difference.

That aside, a suits are finally coming, and they will be enclosed in a giveaway refurbish scheduled for this month, as Square Enix announced on Twitter.

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