Final Fantasy XV Update Version 1.25 Is Out Now; Here’s What It Does

Square Enix has expelled a code new refurbish for Final Fantasy XV. This refurbish rags a diversion to chronicle 1.25 and it is mostly a tiny refurbish that deals with bug fixes for Comrades expansion. Along with a refurbish for consoles, PC chronicle has also perceived a code new refurbish chronicle 2895458 on Steam. The final refurbish for a diversion on consoles was for version 1.24 after a recover of a Royal Edition.

The download distance of this refurbish is underneath 200 MB on both a PS4 and Xbox One. PC chronicle refurbish distance is around a same size. The full patch records can be seen next including a PC version.

Final Fantasy XV Update Version 1.25 Patch Notes

  • Correction of an emanate that prevented avatars from displaying scrupulously in Comrades.
  • Bug caused when modifying certain slider settings (eye spacing) from a default has been fixed.

Final Fantasy XV PC Update Version 2895458 Patch Notes

  • Offline Mode is now operative properly.
  • Update to a executable file, expected for bug fixes.
  • Official patch records pending.

Final Fantasy XV will get another new Season Pass with 4 story DLC in 2019. It has already been reliable that a episodic DLC will be apart from a categorical diversion with character-focused episodes on Ardyn, Luna, Aranea, and Noctis. The initial story DLC is designed for early 2019 recover and will be partial of another new Season Pass for a game.

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