Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition Adds A Big New Scene To The Final …

Final Fantasy XV might be one of a strangest video games ever created, in vast partial since a developers have spent a past year and a half updating, changing, and adding new facilities to a game. And as of tomorrow, there’ll be a whole new story in a final act.

We already knew that a arriving Royal Edition of Final Fantasy XV (which launches tomorrow alongside a PC version) would supplement new bosses to Chapter 14, that takes place in a hull of Noctis’s hometown of Insomnia. What we didn’t know was that executive Hajime Tabata and organisation put in a whole new scene, one featuring Luna and all of a big, pleasing summons.

Thanks to an early leak, we can see many of a new Chapter 14 things in this video. Skip to 5:35 for a large new scene, that takes place after a new Cerberus trainer fight. You can see a 3 new “Rulers of Yore” bosses right after that. 

I desired Final Fantasy XV when it launched and still do, though with each new patch, update, and feature, it unequivocally feels like anyone who played a diversion in those initial few months got a tender deal. We’ll be checking out a PC chronicle tomorrow when it goes live and we’ll let we know afterwards how it runs and all that jazz.

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