Final Fantasy XV Real-Time Tech Showcased At SIGGRAPH 2016; Square Enix To Talk About VFX & More

During this year’s SIGGRAPH event, Square Enix will be showcasing several real-time technologies used in a arriving Final Fantasy XV. The publisher will also be organising several talks about visible effects, and digest techniques used in a game.

The SIGGRAPH eventuality is an annual eventuality on mechanism graphics, and is widely deliberate a many eminent discussion for a announcement of mechanism graphics research. Publisher Square Enix will also be benefaction during a event, and will be display off their rarely expected RPG.

Square Enix now has several sessions planned, including a display about genuine time technologies used in Final Fantasy XV, including a game’s energetic continue systems and lighting.

Real-Time Technologies of FINAL FANTASY XV Battles

This display showcases several realtime technologies implemented for FINAL FANTASY XV’s epic conflict between heroes and monsters:

  • AI systems that control companions and monsters
  • Dynamic continue systems and lighting
  • Visual effects for sorcery that affects a environment

Alongside a above mentioned presentation, Square Enix is also hosting several talks about a game’s digest techniques, impression and sourroundings workflow, and digest techniques.

  • Visual Effects of Final Fantasy XV ( by Isamu Hasegawa, Ryota Nozoe, Teppei Ono, Masahiko Koyama, and Taku Ishida)
    Concept, Environment, and Implementation
  • Character Workflow of Final Fantasy XV by Kazutaka Kurosaka and Eitaro Iwabuchi.
  • Environment Workflow of Final Fantasy XV by Hiromitsu Sasaki, Norihito Ueno and several others.
  • Final Fantasy XV: Pulse and Traction of Characters by Noriyuki Imamura, Youji Shirakami and others.

Last though not least, Eidos-Montréal’s executive of Labs RD, Jean-Normand Bucci, will be articulate about a game’s digest techniques.

Rendering Techniques of Final Fantasy XV

Jean-Normand Bucci
SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD., IO-Interactive, Eidos Montréal

Judging from a scheduled presentations, talks, and courses, this year’s SIGGRAPH is going to be unequivocally engaging indeed.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for a recover on PS4 and Xbox One this September.

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