‘Final Fantasy XV’ Prompto VR Will Not Happen, Says Lead Designer

Facebook/ffxv‘Final Fantasy XV’ Prompto VR will not be released.

“Final Fantasy XV” players have been patiently watchful for any news per a attainment date of a Prompto VR. However, it has been recently suggested that a knowledge will not be publicly released.

This most was reliable by “Final Fantasy XV” lead engineer Wan Hazmer during a PlayStation Experience 2017 South East Asia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hazmer suggested that a Prompto VR was usually designed to be a showcase in sequence to denote a PlayStation VR.

“The Prompto Shooting diversion was indeed a showcase behind then,” Hazmer pronounced (via Sirus Gaming). “It was only to showcase a energy of a VR – though we have Monster of a Deep! Can we suppose carrying a Prompto DLC and also carrying a Prompto VR. Right? We wish to offer something really opposite for each singular entrance of ‘Final Fantasy XV.'”

The Prompto VR was initial showcased during a Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2016. PlayStation expelled a trailer for a diversion and a VR knowledge final year. The VR trailer featured a first-person indicate of perspective as fights took place.

Fans who were looking brazen to a Prompto VR are positively disappointed, though “Final Fantasy XV” already has a lot of good additional calm accessible and some-more to come. Besides, fans can still get their VR fill with “Monster of a Deep,” an arriving fishing spin-off from Square Enix.

For those who are unaware, “Monster of a Deep” is a pretension apart from “Final Fantasy XV,” that means players can squeeze and play it but being compulsory to have a latter installed. The diversion allows players to hang out with a 4 categorical characters and fish around several locations.

Meanwhile, “Final Fantasy XV” players can still take partial in a Summer of Eos update that sees a lapse of a Moogle Chocobo Carnival. The in-game eventuality will finish in late September.

“Monster of a Deep” will be expelled after this year.

Watch a Prompto VR trailer below:

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