Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Keeps Things Nice And Simple

Anybody see a hulk peach?

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is an abridged Final Fantasy XV for players yet a time, calm or courtesy camber for a full game. What a shining idea.

I am one of those players. we possess a strange chronicle of Final Fantasy XV on dual opposite consoles, and I’ve launched into a early moments of a tour several times. we get by a game’s opening moments only excellent (once we got as distant as a chocobo stables), yet once a universe opens adult and a sidequests start popping, we get lost. Even yet a game’s categorical goals are clear, a perfect volume of things to do and see overloads my brain. I’d adore to know how a adventures of Noctis and his child rope vessel out, yet we only can’t.

Until now, that is. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition turns a massive, partially open-world epic into a most some-more linear affair. Instead of erratic a universe yet a caring between quests, chibi-fied versions of Noctis, Gladio, Prompto and Ignis, looking like extras from James and a Giant Peach, make a beeline from one critical tract indicate to a next.

Never change, Cindy.


For example, following a game’s famous pushing-the-car opening sequence, Noctis and organisation arrive during a Hammerhead physique shop, where they accommodate Cid and his granddaughter Cindy. The events that take place in a console chronicle of a game—Cindy promulgation a players off to hunt critters and afterwards tasking them to find a mislaid hunter—all take place in a tiny margin map surrounding a shop.

Players simply follow a trail regulating a Pocket Edition’s daub and reason to pierce mechanic. They quarrel a integrate of battles, accommodate adult with a hunter, kill a large quadruped he asks them to take down and boom, it’s behind to Hammerhead to check on that car.

There’s no preference store to browse. Noctis and organisation can’t strike adult a caf� for sidequests. There’s a shopkeeper offered weapons and potions, yet that’s about it. Once a celebration is finished in Hammerhead, they expostulate (automatically) to a circuitously hotel to dump off an object and accommodate Umbra, a puppy that helps Noctis and his bride-to-be, Lunafreya, pass notes. Then it’s on to a seashore to accommodate adult with this illegitimate right here.


Ardyn is even some-more ominous somehow.

As most as we conclude a console chronicle of Final Fantasy XV for a large scope, Pocket’s focused story course feels a lot some-more natural. Horrible things occur to Noctis and his friends during their journey, and grave events unfold. Who wanders divided to play a mini-game or do a side query during a time like this? “Hey guys, a Empire invaded my home city and killed my dad. Let’s go fishing.” No, Noctis.

Despite a cutesy makeover, Pocket isn’t presenting a watered-down chronicle of Final Fantasy XV. While some unconnected cutscenes are skipped, a game’s vital moments are recreated as truly as a less-demanding graphics engine allows. The developers even use a strange game’s audio, syncing it adult scarcely frame-for-frame. Seeing a dual corresponding is mind-blowing.

All audio comes from a Pocket Edition.

The combat’s not too shabby, either. Pocket’s conflict complement is a some-more mobile-friendly (some competence contend only plain some-more friendly) chronicle of a console’s. When a celebration enters a fight, a actor takes control of Noctis while a mechanism handles his companions. The king auto-attacks, with opportunities to resist and evasion presented as timed symbol prompts. As a celebration gains knowledge levels, Ignis, Prompto and Gladio benefit a same arrange of special fight abilities they do in a core version.


Sometimes a celebration splits up. Here Noctis and Gladio take on some unwashed Niffies.

Warping is still a vital mechanic, with Noctis jumping from one rivalry to another with a press of a finger. Warp anchor points are used to get a dump on unknowingly enemies.

Warp-kills, a series.


I’ll contend it: we like fighting in a Pocket Edition better. The isometric camera angle creates a movement some-more obvious, that creates reacting to rivalry attacks and gripping celebration members’ health surfaced adult most easier. That’s not to contend a enemies in a diversion are pushovers. It only feels like we have some-more control over battles.

Boss fights can get a bit discerning time eventuality happy, yet they demeanour good doing it.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition isn’t totally yet fluff. It’s only some-more focused flint with things like collectible cactaur statues dark around towns and outposts, collecting all of that rewards a actor with knowledge points, or acid for dark value in rest areas, reckoning out where to puncture regulating internal landmarks scribbled on map scraps.


And it’s not like Ignis stopped cooking. Ignis never stops cooking. It’s only this time around he gains impulse from one part found in a cave or town, and a actor contingency collect a second to finish a recipe. It’s radically a same thing, only simplified.

That’s what Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is all about—taking a difficult diversion and simplifying it yet losing a essence. It’s an superb abridgment of a original, and a godsend for players like me who wish to get to know a story of Noctis and friends yet only don’t have a time. I’ve played for about 8 hours now, and I’ve only finished a epic conflict with Leviathan. Six chapters down, 4 to go. Were we personification a console version, we would have quit 6 hours back.


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