Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD Review

At this point, it’s starting to feel like I’ve been personification Final Fantasy XV for many of a final dual years. From a strange recover we’ve seen a solid attainment of new DLC story packs, as good as updates to a strange diversion to iron out some of a weaker moments – everyone’s looking during you, Chapter 13 – and that was before we were handed a revised console book alongside a long-awaited PC chronicle progressing this year.

Just in box that wasn’t adequate FFXV for a world, Square Enix afterwards brought a shrunk-down, chibi-fied Pocket Edition to mobile phones and tablets, and now things are entrance full round with an HD chronicle of a mobile pretension entrance opposite to consoles. Yes, I’m as confused as we are.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket HD takes a account and categorical gameplay beats from Final Fantasy XV and condenses them down to their bottom components. Following Prince Noctis as he attempts to strech his pledged and save his depressed kingdom, XV’s open universe becomes a array of tiny hubs with quests to finish and enemies to defeat, yet where it was reduction conspicuous on mobile, on console they tend to feel dull and disconnected.

While some aspects have suffered from a mixed transitions, a strange game’s often-derided fight is really softened by personification with earthy controls, and one of Pocket HD’s strengths is a immediacy and laxity of a action-orientated combat. It’s a contrition afterwards that there only isn’t adequate of it, and yet any genuine grub to get into interjection to a overly forgiving problem level, you’ll start to see a problems with this mobile diversion on console.

In integrity we can’t utterly fathom because you’d collect this adult on PS4 or Xbox One, generally when during this theatre it’ll expected cost distant some-more to buy than a strange chronicle of XV. It’s maybe dictated as a authority for a array directed during younger gamers, or for those who only wish to lapse to a story again in a somewhat opposite manner, but, if we’re being mostly asocial today, it’s to fist only a small some-more money out of XV’s awfully high prolongation costs, as good as a Final Fantasy authorization and a fans.

The game’s darling cultured and pocket-sized protagonists roughly make this feel like a totally opposite thread of a Final Fantasy mythos, changeable from a realism of a new run from X onwards, behind to a some-more stylised turns of IX, Crystal Chronicles or a Theatrhythm games. It’s an art impression that feels ideally during home on a Switch, and given a miss of a full-fat chronicle on Nintendo’s console, it all feels like this is the right place for it to be.

What doesn’t utterly lay right is a game’s often-dour opinion and critical tale. Noctis and his consistently talkative audience have brought a ton of their discourse with them from a full-fat chronicle of XV, and while Pocket HD does a decent pursuit of building adult a clarity of intercourse and loyalty among a organisation notwithstanding a truncated form, a new art impression doesn’t assistance communicate a gravitas of a game’s events. It feels as yet it would indeed have been improved off withdrawal a oral discourse out, with a content and a simplified impression models adding a hold some-more levity to proceedings.

Most unsatisfactory yet is a game’s performance, as you’d have hoped with a burst to Switch they’d have ironed out a mobile version’s support rate issues. Instead when we enter a incomparable or some-more minute area there’s a transparent dump in support rate, that sits alongside some pop-in only to lessen a game’s other achievements elsewhere. It’s not like there’s a ton going on visually during any indicate possibly so it creates really small sense, and it gives a whole prolongation an atmosphere of something that’s been rushed out rather than had caring lavished on it.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket HD is a bullet-point RPG that only about gets divided with a slight concentration interjection to a attract of a lead characters, fun combat, and carrying been means to crib some of a original’s good prolongation values, quite a epic soundtrack. It’s some-more or reduction unfit to suggest to PlayStation or Xbox owners, yet for Switch fans it’s a light break before subsequent year’s torrent of correct Final Fantasy games.

Score: 6/10

Version Tested: Nintendo Switch – also accessible for PS4, Xbox One, Android iOS

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