Final Fantasy XV: Off-Road Regalia Coming this Month; Episode Prompto Gets Theme by Naoshi Mizuta

During a Final Fantasy 30th anniversary event hold now in Yokohama, Final Fantasy XV Game Design Section Manager Kenichi Shida done a few announcements about destiny updates to a game.

First of all, a Episode Prompto DLC is now (predictably) slated for recover during a finish of June, though we now learn that it will accept a thesis song created by Final Fantasy XI Composer Naoshi Mizuta.

Incidentally, Shida-san also mentioned that some-more information will come subsequent week during E3, though it will embody new gameplay modes like the prior DLC Episode Gladiolus did.

There are news for those meddlesome in giveaway calm as well: Shida-san suggested that an refurbish during a finish of a month will embody a “Cup Noodle Style” for Noctis, and a already showcased “Regalia Type-D” means to transport off road.

In a gallery next we can check out a slides used to benefaction a news, including a screenshot of a final form of a Regalia Type-D.

If we wish to see a Regalia Type-D in action, we can check out a first work in-progress video common a while ago, and a second. You can also watch a latest teaser trailer of a Episode Prompto DLC.

Final Fantasy XV is now accessible for PS4 and Xbox One.

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