Final Fantasy XV: No Plans to Integrate DLC Episodes into a Main Game

When Square Enix expelled Final Fantasy XV‘s bro-specicfic story DLCs Episode Gladiolus and Episode Prompto, many were astounded to see that they were sincerely stand-alone experiences, that couldn’t be played as a section integrated in a game’s categorical story.

DualShockers had a discuss with Game Director Hajime Tabata, and we asked him either there is a probability for those stories to be ever integrated within a categorical storyline as their possess chapter, though we hear that there is no such devise during a moment. According to Tabata-san, a diversion expelled final year is what is deliberate “the categorical story,” while a impression DLCs are a extra experience.

That being said, Tabata-san also mentioned that a group got a clarity of what users wish to see as destiny impression DLCs interjection to a consult finished in a spring. While they can’t do all of them, they really wish to demeanour into a probability of formulating impression DLCs for a characters that are many rarely requested.

We hear that a reason because Tabata-san is during PAX is that he wants to hear feedback from a American fans directly during a designed village gathering, accurately as it happened during a identical eventuality in perfume during Gamescom. The aim is to get a clarity of what a fans would like and what facilities they desire, and use that feedback on tip of a consult results. For example, during a village eventuality in perfume some-more backstory for Ardyn was rarely requested, and Luna was also named a lot. Ultimately, a fans wish to see some-more story calm covering some aspects that weren’t given a spotlight in a categorical campaign.

Square Enix is stability to update Final Fantasy XV for both PS4 and Xbox One, and they recently expelled patch 1.15, and the Assassin’s Festival crossover event ib partnership with the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Episode Ignis is scheduled for recover in December.

Yesterday, we also listened a construction about a possibly teased teased Switch chronicle of a game, and the fortitude on Xbox One X.

Final Fantasy XV is now accessible for PS4 and Xbox One, while the Windows Edition will recover on PC around Steam in early 2018. The Pocket Edition will launch this tumble for iOS, Android and Windows 10.

[Original interview: Jordan Loeffler]

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