‘Final Fantasy XV’ news: Square Enix releases new ‘Project Ignis’ DLC; new facilities revealed

Final Fantasy XV
YouTube/PlayStationScreenshot from a “Project Ignis” trailer

The renouned open-world roleplaying diversion (RPG) “Final Fantasy XV” is removing a code new DLC on Dec. 13. Titled “Project Ignis,” a new DLC will embody code new cutscenes and mixed endings. 

The initial few mins of a “Project Ignis” DLC were uploaded to PlayStation’s YouTube Channel on Oct. 30, 2017, and fans have been vehement about the new refurbish ever since.

The trailer begins with narration. A voiceover is listened observant these words, “Listen well, a aristocrat can't lead while station still. A aristocrat pushes brazen always, usurpation a consequences and never looking back.”

It was followed by movement sequences and cut-scenes that showcased not usually a game’s impression and turn pattern though some of a game’s playable quests as well. The trailer also featured a handful of enemies that players will confront while personification a game.

Characters from a “Project Ignis” refurbish also referenced Noctis, a protagonist of “Final Fantasy XV,” bringing in some of a story elements for players that already informed with a strange game. The trailer ends with an announcement: “Project Ignis” will be accessible for PlayStation 4 on Dec. 13.

Following “Project Ignis,” a DLC patrician “Project Ardyn” is set for recover someday in 2018. “Project Ardyn” as a pretension suggests will revolve around a knave Ardyn and his backstory.

The diversion will also accept a First Anniversary Update that will concede a players to switch between Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis in a categorical “Final Fantasy XV” game.

Recently, “Final Fantasy XV” combined a DLC patrician “Comrades” to their bottom game. The DLC authorised players to go online and play other games as they traversed a universe in hunt of gems. “Comrades” authorised players to emanate their playable characters while maintaining a categorical characters from a bottom game.

“Final Fantasy XV” initial came out in Nov of 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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