Final Fantasy XV Mods Make Mai Shiranui And Marie Rose From Dead Or Alive Playable

(Last Updated On: Jul 14, 2018)

The many sought after mod for Final Fantasy XV still isn’t accessible yet, though some modders are really removing close. For instance, one modder going by a hoop of gatto tom motionless to enhance Final Fantasy XV‘s tour into a area of voluptuous by including Mai Shiranui, a voluptuous kunoichi from King of Fighters and a guest star from Dead or Alive 5: Last Round.

The mod allows we to play as Mai in place of Ignis, creation it distant reduction of a smorgasboard of sausages and some-more like a sausage and taco cooking instead.

The Mai mod is formed on a indication that was used in Team Ninja’s Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. She has all her curves and a normal red and white outfit you’ve come to design from a shapely vixen.

All we have to do is allow to a mod by streamer on over to a Steam Workshop page to have Mai combined to your group in Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV - Mai Shiranui Posing

The second mod brings another renouned impression from Dead or Alive 5 into a area of Final Fantasy XV, this time it’s Marie Rose.

Modder ruriruri17 alien a mod into Final Fantasy XV, replacing Noctis with a teenage pugilist. It’s substantially a usually time you’ll see Marie Rose in movement in a new diversion given that Team Ninja’s stream arena will expected see them forfeiting any event to supplement her to a sanitized and feminist-friendly tour of Dead or Alive 6.

Ruriruri17 combined facial animations to a conduct so that there’s correct reactions, and all a lighting and shade maps have been bound adult right proper.

Just omit all a chaff in a criticism territory as a anti-weeb force is out in droves to hurt a evenings of so many immature group out there, and feel giveaway to download a 18MB mod for Final Fantasy XV by attack a allow symbol over on a Steam Workshop page.

Final Fantasy XV is now accessible right now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, though usually a PC master competition chronicle lets we mod it out and divert it for all it’s value like a dairy rancher with a bucket underneath a full set of udders.

Final Fantasy XV - Marie Rose

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