Final Fantasy XV mod improves performance, loading times, and more

Final Fantasy XV has a initial mod, and while it’s somewhat unsatisfactory that Sonic isn’t involved, we consider we can all determine that it’s correct to start where all good mods should: with opening enhancements. This one’s a work of Kaldaien, who, among other things, helped make Nier: Automata play a bit nicer on PC.

Of course, XV hasn’t had anywhere nearby a astringency of issues Nier: Automata did, though if you’ve beheld prolonged bucket times and “hitches during complicated hardness streaming”, it’s substantially to do with a SteamAPI rather than Denuvo, according to Kaldaien in his notes.

“It has come to my courtesy that a diversion loads submit icons synchronously any time it sees submit on keyboard/mouse or gamepad,” Kaldaien writes. “This means if we are regulating a gamepad generally though we strike a symbol on your keyboard [you knowledge a] hitch. If we use keyboard/mouse though strike a analog hang [another] hitch.

“My possess mod horizon (Special K) is able of operative around this by preventing a diversion from saying submit events on inclination of your choosing.”

Check out a mod over here.

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