Final Fantasy XV May Get ‘Far Superior’ PC Version: Tabata

Final Fantasy XV – set to recover on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One after this year – competence get a chronicle for Windows PCs, according to diversion executive Hajime Tabata.

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“I’m utterly certain about a thought of building a PC version, though we would like to make a really opposite plan if possible,” Tabata told French video gaming site JeuxVideo, that was translated by Nova Crystallis. “The reason I’m meddlesome is that a PC chronicle would propel a diversion to another technical level.”

“I have in mind a chronicle of Final Fantasy XV that is some-more technically developed. This chronicle could incorporate things that we were forced to desert since of a stipulations of home consoles. With a PC, this would be an event to recover a chronicle distant higher in terms of peculiarity and tech.”

While PC fans of Final Fantasy will be blissful to hear they haven’t been lost by Square Enix, Tabata pronounced it would take a while as they aren’t meddlesome in doing a “simple port”.

“That said, if we select to rise this project, a growth will start from blemish by doing investigate of what would be a best record to use. It competence not be a elementary pier of a console version,” he added.

Tabata also spoke on a emanate of framerate, and pronounced they were in a “process of optimisation” to safeguard a improved framerate. As for downloadable calm post release, he pronounced they wish to yield something that “extend[s] a gaming experience” and will make a correct proclamation someday in a summer, that is between Jun and August.

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Will we collect adult FFXV on current-gen consoles in Sep or wait for a PC version? Let us know in a comments below.

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