Final Fantasy XV Livestream Set for Next Week

@SegaBlueSky “Without a doubt a diversion we bewail shopping many this generation.”

FFXV is a diversion that pennyless me. I’m pennyless perpetually now and it’s all FFXV’s fault. After a muted FFXIII, we didn’t even play a dual sequels, FFXV had me vehement again, we even pre-ordered it months in advance, something we never do. we got a game, blu-ray steel box film and beam all for Christmas that year. And my whole family collected turn and watched it all. And to quote a Queen, we were not amused. The film was a best part, and a webisodes after that. But I’ve played worse games, most worse, even worse FF games like FFX-2 for instance, and FF:CC:TCB on Wii.

But even after carrying purchased a diversion and deteriorate pass they motionless to urge a diversion in a Royal Edition, afterwards supplement deteriorate pass 2. All, as we say, for a singular actor JRPG. This isn’t free-to-play Fortnite that needs consistent improvements to keep people entrance back. And, AND, it took them 10 years to make this one game.

And only to uncover what an offensive disaster it was and still is, a same association Square Enix only expelled DQXI, finish game, no paid DLC, no deteriorate pass, over 100 hours of singular actor JRPG goodness, for $60. By a same company. 18 months later.

So no some-more FF games for me. Or singular actor games with deteriorate passes until they are done. we bought GoW and DQXI Day 1 this b/c they were done. Spiderman and Tomb Raider will wait. I’m only damaged now.

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