‘Final Fantasy XV’ Latest News: New DLC Playable Characters Teased; May Include Luna, Iris, Aranea, & Cor

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“Final Fantasy XV” might still be a few months aged nonetheless gamers are already looking brazen to throwing some-more updates from Square Enix. Fortunately, a gaming association is operative on bringing something for fans as partial of their post-launch plans.

According to reports, dual “Final Fantasy XV Ultimania” books were expelled in Japan and it suggested that a diversion will be removing new characters for a multiplayer DLC. The beam books did not list a names of a characters nonetheless several reports have already circulated suggesting that they will be characters tweaked to be in line with a stream tract of a game.

The new characters expected include Lunafreya Nox Flueret or Luna, that is an disdainful impression and categorical heroine of a series. The impression is approaching to be a playable messenger in a upcoming “Final Fantasy XV” DLC nonetheless zero is certain nonetheless so it’s best to take a reports with a splash of salt.

 Another impression speculated to be enclosed in a arriving ‘Final Fantasy XV’ DLC is Aranea Highwind, who is a captain of a Third Army Corps 86th Airborne Unit of a Nilfleim Empire. She is also indeed an criminal nonetheless once she joins a impression roster, she will be incited protagonist in a DLC. 

The final speculated impression to join “Final Fantasy XV” DLC is Cor Leonis. The mythological warrior from a Kingdom of Lucis is also pronounced to be suggested during a after part. Reports advise nonetheless that Iris, Cor and Aranea will be guest characters to support a categorical celebration of Noctis, Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus.

As of now, serve sum per a “Final Fantasy XV” are still kept underneath wraps. There’s also no revelation nonetheless when it will arrive so fans will have to stay tuned for some-more updates.

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