Final Fantasy XV "Is a Biggest Final Fantasy Production Ever Made," Says Square Enix


April 13, 2016
Written by Jason Dunning


With a new announcements of a Kingsglaive movie and Brotherhood anime series, Justin Gaffney, Square Enix General Manager for PAL Europe, told MCV that Final Fantasy XV is a biggest prolongation in authorization history:

Final Fantasy XV is a mainline entrance in a series. It has been many years in a creation and is a biggest Final Fantasy prolongation ever made. we consider a Uncovered eventuality in LA shows a intent, faith and aspiration for a brand, and for Final Fantasy XV in particular.

Gaffney continued by divulgence that Final Fantasy XV pre-orders were already in a good position before a Uncovered eventuality final month, and a fan response given afterwards has been huge:

Final Fantasy XV is already rarely anticipated, pre-orders even before a Uncovered eventuality in LA were in a unequivocally good place. We had a array of unequivocally large announcements during a eventuality and a response from a village has been tremendous, we wish this will light a Final Fantasy code and unequivocally flog start a FFXV campaign. We have song from Florence and a Machine, an anime array (Brotherhood), a film and an superb game. We will have a triple-A selling debate above and next a line and a clever trade devise to compare a ambitions.

Final Fantasy XV will be accessible worldwide on September 30 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

[Source: MCV]

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