Final Fantasy XV is Coming to PC, But Hitting a Locked 60fps is Harder Than You’d Think


More than a year after a console debut, Square Enix is finally removing around to releasing Final Fantasy XV on a PC. True 4K support will be accessible when a diversion launches on Mar 6, so this is a event for a chronicle though compromise, right? Right?!

When XV was expelled in 2016, a Xbox One, PS4, and PS4 Pro versions all had their possess singular quirks. The contingent Xbox One X patch was a good step up, though it still lacked a fit and finish that we hoped for. So, how is it going to reason adult on a PC?

Over during a Digital Foundry, a group has analyzed a pre-release FFXV benchmarking program, and they found some significant opening concerns – generally on AMD cards. Square Enix is regulating Nvidia’s GameWorks, and that causes a opening chastisement that’s tough to excuse. On a GTX 1060, DF found that GameWorks drops a normal support rate by about 11fps. On a RX 580? It’s closer to a 20fps disproportion – gross.

Even worse, an overclocked GTX 1080 Ti with all incited on can’t even broach a ideal 1080p60. That’s extravagantly unsatisfactory to hear, though there is some hope. This benchmark app doesn’t unequivocally offer most in a approach of tweaking, though Square Enix promises a final chronicle will offer some-more options. If you’re peaceful to make graphical compromises, attack a ideal 60fps will expected be in reach.

So as it stands, it seems doubtful that any normal chairman will have a appurtenance able of delivering 2160p60 on high settings on day one. The conditions will change as optimizations are made, and new hardware is expelled down a road, though Mar 6 won’t be a outrageous jubilee hardcore Final Fantasy fans have been wishing for.

Curious about how a diversion will run on your setup? Well, we can download a demo right now, and see for yourself. In fact, it even has a 4K resources baked in, so we can holder it all a approach adult to see if we can hoop a game during 4K.

The demo only launched this week, so we’re still watchful to see in-depth research of how it runs on opposite hardware. It now enjoys a “Very Positive” rating formed on 76 Steam reviews, though your milage might vary. We’re generally meddlesome in saying a real-world opening on AMD cards, so feel giveaway to dive into a criticism territory below, and share your personal experiences.

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